work with me

what i offer:
Branding, logo design, website design, publication design, print collateral, packaging, blog design, stationery, consultations… anything, really!

initial inquiry:
Have some design needs? Simply email me to get the conversation started. In the beginning, we will talk over your project’s details, discuss a timeline and pricing so that everyone is on the same page. I will then develop a contract so that we can begin.

inspiration phase:
Before the design process begins, I’ll need to know all about what you are envisioning for your brand. Let’s talk details, get some inspiration, get some pinterest pins together and develop a final moodboard that focuses on design aesthetics such as colors and typography. The goal is to make sure everyone is happy with the vision and ready to continue.

design time:
Depending on your project, a few initial designs will be presented at our first deadline. Once you’ve seen these, it will be your turn to give appropriate/organized feedback in order to move forward. We will work together and I will ask you specific questions to help decide how to best make edits and revise.

final touches:
Once we’ve gone through a couple rounds of revisions and everyone is happy with the results, it will be time to put on the final touches and package your project up so that it’s ready for the world to see! Upon final payment, you will be given any necessary files that associate with your project.

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