I’ve been feeling like all I do is laundry (mostly because my three year old changes his clothes 50 times a day) so in attempt to cut down on washing/folding I really just wanted to slim down my wardrobe. So at the end of the summer I went through all of my clothes and separated them into 3 piles:
Once I had the pieces that I decided to keep I used my lucky style guide to take inventory of what I had, what I was missing and what I wanted. 1234clothes_06

My goal going through the guide book was to create a simple closet, one that could easily work for both my job and home. Then I created two lists: “i want” list and “i need” list. I carried the “i need” list with me in my phone so I shopped with intention. Once the “i need” list was completed I ¬†started buying things off my “i need” list.


Even though I have less in my closet I have found more ways to be creative with my clothes by adding more accessories, shoes and scarves. Up next, what to do with the clothes that didn’t get the love they deserved in your own closet!

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